Whether you’re a star athlete, a super mom, the go-to guy, or a top exec., we know how much it takes to be you.


You need your body to feel its best so that you can be YOUR best.  At Elements we understand.  That’s why we’re here to give you the ultimate in integrated acupuncture, chiropractic, and massage care that you can get.  For your convenience we accept PPO insurances, will work on liens for motor vehicle accidents, and are open until 8pm on weeknights.  


Our Team


Roxy Han had been working in the film and television industry for 6 years before one fateful day when she got an injury that would change her life in the very best way.  She was at a Jiu Jitsu convention, zigged when she should have zagged and ended up with a separated AC joint.  The acupuncture treatments she received afterward were so effective in reducing pain and speeding healing that she knew she had to discover this medicine’s secrets for herself.  

She enrolled at Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine at her soonest chance, and graduated with highest honors in 2006.  She went on to treat in different acupuncture clinics all over Southern California, incorporating the very best techniques she observed into her own.  

Roxy Han founded Elements Total Health in 2008, a center dedicated to integrity in health care.  To date, she has treated over 20,000 patients.  She is a highly caring and effective physician, capable of treating many different types of health concerns, and especially pain related and fertility issues.

Janice Lee

Janice is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, board certified by the State of California. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from The University of Texas at Austin and studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine. Janice has worked as a resident at The Acupuncture and Wellness Center in Poulsbo, WA, which has the distinction of being the biggest acupuncture clinic in the United States! She treated over 7,000 patients in one year there!

Janice provides patients with the best care possible in the treatment of pain, internal medicine, fertility, hormone balance, and many other issues. She believes that the power of Chinese Medicine lies in its ability to dramatically shift the quality of life for all people at various stages of the disease process. She is excited to continue practicing this medicine at Elements

Daniel Chang

Dr. Daniel Chang has a broad range of experience treating and supervising treatment of patients in at all levels of injury and recovery. He served as the director of chiropractic rehabilitation at The Spine and Orthopedic Center, in Oxnard, and also most recently as the primary treating physician at the Pacific Wellness center in Los Angeles. He is also a certified Qualified Medical Examiner, impressive!

Dr. Chang believes in the body’s ability to heal itself with natural therapies. He is dedicated to keeping his wife and 3 daughters healthy with chiropractic medicine. This also means he has a lot of experience treating pregnant women and children too, so you can bring your whole family to see him.

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