How Much does Chiropractic Cost with No Insurance?

The regular price of a chiropractic treatment at Elements is $69.  However, if you have insurance it may cover part of the cost of treatment.

If do not have insurance coverage, or would prefer not to use your coverage, you can get a discount on services if you get a package of treatments.  Details are below.

We do not charge extra for a first time visit as some other clinics do.  We also do not charge extra for manual therapy, therapeutic exercise instruction, etc. that you may need with your treatment. If you would just like to get a consultation to find out if our services will work for you, that is always free of charge.  Just use the “Book Now” button at the left of this page to book your free consultation.


What Package Deal do you offer?

If you get a package of 4 treatments you get a $10 discount on each treatment, reducing your cost to $59 per treatment.


How much does Chiropractic cost with Insurance?

Every insurance plan is different, so we need to check and see what your plan benefits are. We would be happy to call your insurance and check for you. You can reach us at (626) 441-1888