Dear Elements Friends,
We’re happy to announce the return of $49 Tuesdays.  Due to popular demand we’re bringing back this well loved discount day.   Now you can once again enjoy the type of quality massage you’ve come to expect from Elements, for the same rate you would be paying for a sub-par massage someplace else.  At Elements you know you get the best massage for your money anywhere in town!  Good for a Swedish, Deep Tissue or Combination Massage. So call us today to reserve your appointment.


This is a blend of swedish massage, stretching, and other techniques designed to relax your whole body. This massage is perfect for melting away stress,improving circulation, and making you feel absolutely fantastic.


This is a great massage for really getting into chronically tense muscle tissue. A combination of deep tissue,  and stretching techniques are used to release adhesions between muscles and connective tissues. Even if you are afraid of deeper styles of massage, there is no need to worry. Our highly trained therapists will adjust their pressure to your comfort level.


If your body needs a lighter touch in certain areas, and more pressure in other areas then this is the massage for you. It is a combination of the flow and roots massage. Our expert massage therapists customize the levels of pressure used to perfectly fit your body.


Discover the amazing therapeutic healing of hot stone massage! Steamed river stones are strategically placed on acupressure points to slowly soothe, and spread tight muscles. Smaller cooled stones are placed on the face to firm facial skin and improve tone.


During the special time of pregnancy a woman needs massage more than ever. This massage is designed to be comfortable for a pregnant woman in every way. It is sure to bring sweet relief from lower back achiness, hip pain, and ankle swelling.