Elements is Closing

Our office will be closing on Sept. 29, 2016.  We have so enjoyed serving and getting to know you, our clients, and we are so appreciative of you. We’ve had a great run!

We apologize for the inconvenience, but due to some unforeseen circumstances we have had to push back our open date for our new clinic.  Roxy Han L.Ac. has secured a lease for a new location at 151 S. El Molino Ave. #301 in Pasadena. She expects to be open by early January of 2017.  Please come back to this website and it will re-direct you to her new website. She will be keeping the same office phone number, 626 441-1888, so no need to change it in your contacts!  The new clinic will be called “Blue Jean Acupuncture.”

If you need acupuncture service in the interim we highly recommend Vanessa Ferandell L.ac. in South Pasadena. You can find her here:

Vanessa Ferandell L.Ac. 

1108 Fremont Ave.

South Pasadena, CA 91030

(626) 523-1022


Dr. Dan Chang: Core Motion Chiropractic

107 S Fair Oaks Ave. Ste 20

Pasadena, CA 91105

(626) 365 7187


The massage therapists that you have come to know and love can be reached at the following phone numbers:

Paula: (619) 957 9930

Veronica: (626) 646 6530

Detra: (626) 818 5236

Annie: (626) 808 8812



CALL (626)441-1888


Effectively treating chronic health issues through homeostasis.



The holistic way to treat musculo-skeletal conditions and more. 



Reducing stress, speeding healing, moving circulation and lymph. 


Taking a Natural Systemic Approach to Healing


Acupuncture is a method of healing that has helped millions of people over the course of over 2500 years. It is based on the understanding that the human body is a complex bio-electrical system. This is something that Western science has only recently discovered. Energy, or what is called Chi, circulates to all parts of the body along pathways called meridians. When this movement is blocked or disrupted, pain and illness are the result. Acupuncture re-balances and restores the correct flow of Chi, thereby bringing back health and vitality.

To look at it another way, acupuncture helps the body to heal itself. The human body has a marvelous intrinsic intelligence. If you cut your finger all of the many biological steps that are required to heal the cut happen without you having to direct that process. Acupuncture simply stimulates your body to initiate the healing processes that are already working within it.



Cupping is a method of treatment that relieves the symptoms of muscle tightness, muscle strain, back pain, soft tissue injuries, the common cold, coughing, digestive,
and menstrual disorders.


What to Expect

Some oil is applied to the skin and then a vacuum cup is placed on top. Stagnations of blood, toxins, mucous, and energy are pulled to the surface, which allows them to be moved and dispelled. After the cups have been placed they are left on the body for 5-15 minutes. Bruising occurs on areas that are holding stagnations. The areas that have more stagnation will leave darker bruises than the areas that have less. These bruises are temporary and not harmful.They usually disappear altogether within 3-5 days.


Electro-acupuncture is the application of an electrical micro-current to acupuncture needles. This current running between the needles further stimulates acupuncture points thereby making them even more effective. This is a very useful therapy for acute and chronic pain, neurological issues, and many other health concerns.

What to Expect

Very tiny electrical clips are placed onto carefully selected needles. The type of wave form, and frequency vary according to the pathology. Most patients describe the sensation as a buzzing. The feeling may be intense, but it is generally not painful. Occasionally muscle twitching will also occur. The duration of a treatment is usually 10-20 minutes.



Taking a Natural Systemic Approach to Healing


Chiropractors don’t prescribe  drugs or perform surgery.  Instead, a chiropractic doctor relies on a hands-on, physical medicine approach to treat a chiro patient.

Our chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Chang D.C. works one on one with each patient and tailor fit the treatment to that case. An average visit will take 30 to 45 minutes. Most patients feel better after their very first treatment.

While it’s often perceived that a chiropractor is solely here to treat back and neck pain, that is not the case at Elements. We expertly treat most pain and numbness issues from the head  to the toes. Chiropractors not only treat soft and hard tissue problems such as sciatica and joint pain, but are largely called on to deal with other chronic issues. Some of these issues include fibromyalgia, insomnia, headaches and others. If you have pain anywhere in your body we can help.  We specialize in treating chronic pain from sciatica, headaches, frozen shoulder, golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow, piriformis syndrome, neuritis, disc bulges, disc herniations, IT band syndrome, piriformis syndrome, carpal tunnel, dancer’s knee, runner’s knee, nerve impingement, sprains, strains, disc degeneration, arthritis and many more.


Feel the Difference of Elements Massage


The massage you get at Elements will not be your standard spa massage.  You will not get a robe or fancy slippers.  What you will get, is a REAL massage, by real professionals who will make you feel amazing.
Our exceptional massage therapists are all certified, and licensed by the state of California. Each one has several hundred more hours of training than your standard massage therapist.  And each one is committed to bringing the highest level of their training and expertise to you.
At Elements, our massages are better because our massage therapists consistently go above and beyond “cookie cutter” spa massages.  They custom design their massages for you, and your body, so that you will always walk away feeling like the massage helped you with the condition you came in for.
So why wait to feel better?  Put yourself in the capable hands of one of our massage therapists today.

We Offer a Comprehensive Range of Massages...

  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue
  • Combination
  • Hot Stone
  • Pregnancy